My SEO Services


My services are specialised and are all worked on my non other than myself!

I do not farm my work out to agencies or outsourcing companies. I will only take on the amount of clients I can happily handle and I never bite off more than I can chew!


My SEO Services Include;

SEO Auditing Services & On-site SEO

One of the first process that needs to be done when starting a new SEO project is an on-site SEO audit. An SEO Audit consists of a number of elements of the website that should be checked, I have listed these below and in order of the way I do them;

  • Access and Indexed
    • check which pages are already indexed in Google and Bing.
    • open the Webmaster tools for the site to make sure the search engines are our friend, that there are no errors, notifications etc.
    • make sure the robots.txt file isn’t blocking any pages, if it is – is there a good reason to?
    • check to make sure the sitemap is following good sitemap protocol
    • check the loading time and performance of the site, this usually gives us an indication of other errors, like unoptimised images and bloated code. Pingdom tools is great for this!
    • site architecture, how far away are the key pages of the site from the home page? can the architecture be improved?
  • On-page SEO
    • make sure the URL’s are search engine friendly, being short, descriptive using the relevant keywords and subfolders
    • meta description – while this is one no longer recognised as much a ranking factor as it once was. I believe it still gives the search engines some valued information and more importantly users this information as they will read it in the search listing snippets.
    • title tag – this one probably carries most of the SEO weight when it comes to ranking. making sure the the title tag contains the major keywords while making them readable (and not keyword stuffed!)
    • header tags – the next best place to strategically insert your keywords is the header tags. Again, make sure the headers contain the keywords.
    • content – is king! (how many times have you heard this!). Make sure the content is good and useful to the readers, the major keywords are strategically placed near the beginning of the content. Make sure the keywords are not stuffed – this could awake the Panda (Google penalty for poor user experience in an attempt to game the search engines).
    • images – make sure they have an alt tag with containing the keywords
    • make sure no two pages contain the same (or similar content)
    • check the HTML markup with W3C to ensure its compliance.
    • any good reputable site will have some outbound links, to not have outbound links looks un-natural (and you’re basically a link-hoard!). The key here is to make sure the outbound links you do have point to a reputable, trustworthy sites. This shows Google, that you are connected with trusted domains.
    • use images as well as text for outbound links, this is great for user experience.
    • if available, check Google Analytics to find out where the lowest and highest bounce rates this gives me an indication to which pages are popular and which are note.
  • Off-page SEO
    • check all the links that are pointing to your site, make sure they are from trusted sources. If you have any links that are from dodgy sites etc. then use Webmasters to disavow them straight away.
    • make sure the links that do come to your site have varied anchor text, all the links pointing to your site with your major keywords is asking for Google to give you a penalty!


SEO Content Writing

Writing good, compelling content is an art and something that I very much enjoy. This involves time researching the subject and finding up-to-date information.

The key here is finding out what is popular within this subject, what is being shared and linked to. Then its a question of doing some keyword research based on some seed keywords on the topic to find what keywords are being searched for that have a decent volume. This will give me some good headings to structure the content that I write.


What Can I Give You That The Best SEO Companies In The UK Cannot?

Without knocking some of the larger agencies, the good ones are so big that they simply cannot give you the focus and attention your business needs. Imagine a class room with 60 students and another with 20 students, which do you think the students will get more attention and benefit from? The class with 20 students! This is because the teachers attention is focussed on 20 students instead of being diluted among 60 students! In this same way, I can focus my efforts a lot more on the few clients that I take and give them 100% of my attention! Instead of being shared over may hundreds of clients in various fields.

I am able to provide the same high quality services, I use the same tools and have been taught using the same criteria and follow the same blogs and news in the world of SEO. Besides giving you more attention, I don’t have the overheads the larger agencies have, thus passing the savings on to you.


Search Engine Optimisation Services From London To Manchester & Beyond!

I am based in Slough, Berkshire. This does not mean I will only take on clients local to me. I have worked with clients from Scotland down to Cornwall. We maintain communication over the phone and on email. Having a good working relationship built on trust makes working many hundreds of miles away very possible!


Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO is ranking business for location-based keywords, for example “dog walker in Highbury London”. So a dog walking service based in Highbury would want to rank and have their website show up in the top ranking of the search engines when people type in that keyword.

My local SEO strategy consisting of finding good low competition, moderate volume keywords, building relevant and local links and working with the major search engines gives me the ability to start ranking your website very quickly. In some case, I have gotten first page rankings for brand new websites in just a few weeks!


Bespoke Link Building For High Organic Rankings In The UK Search Engines

In a nutshell, links pointing to your website count as a “vote”, the more better quality votes you have, the higher you rank in the search engines because they see your site as being popular and relevant to the search terms it ranks for. Pointing useless, irrelevant, spammed sites causes your site harm and can be de-indexed by the search engines if you do this too much!

I have a range of methods for building backlinks, what I do not do is spam or build low quality links. From outreach to finding niche sites and directories to building network sites, my methods work.

Depending on the budget, the competition of the keyword and other site-based factors, I can put together a bespoke package to suit you.


SEO Consultation Service & Costs

If you have the time to invest, I would suggest learning to do the SEO for your website yourself. I charge a fee depending on the nature of lessons provided and the length of time I train you.

I am able to teach you all things SEO, from an in-depth on-site analysis, to keyword research, to building links and anything in between!

Once I teach you, I will be available for telephone and email support because most of the questions you have will arise when you actually do the work yourself!

Please contact me for more information on this.


Website Optimisation / User Experience

I have also learned and practiced different areas in UX (user experience) purely because I believe the search engines have already started looking at UX as a complimentary ranking factor. In the future it will be a major ranking factor. If the user enjoys the experience and the analytics show this, then the search engines will favour this more than other sites because they want your business.

The areas I have experience in are;

  • Stake holder interviews
  • Competitive research
  • User research
  • Creating scenarios and storyboards
  • Information architecture
  • Low fidelity wireframe / prototype creation
  • User testing (where applicable)
  • High fidelity wireframe / prototype creation
  • User testing
  • Fine tune wireframe / prototype
  • Launch



If what you have read here does impress you, please feel free to call me now on 07827 995503 or contact me using the contact form here!