Facebook Ad Specialist

Facebook Advertising Specialist

Facebook is the most searched term currently on the internet, even more than Google. At the time of writing this (April 2015); Google has 923,000,000 monthly searches and Facebook has 3,760,000,000! This data is taken from Google’s Keyword Planner! Tapping in to Facebook’s audience can be very beneficial to your business when strategically bringing your content in front of them.

Facebook Advertising has taken off – in a big way! The platform is very popular for marketing and advertising because of the simple fact that you can really hone in and target a very specific audience set. It is one of the best tools in the hands of a skilled marketer who has experience in fully utilising it to its optimum potential.

With over a billion people using and engaging in Facebook everyday, whether they are “liking” a particular page, “sharing” a post, joining a group or even just commenting on someone’s status; Facebook learns all of this activity. Using this advanced advertising tool, we are able to leverage all that data that Facebook has collected on the activities of its users and target only the audience demographic that we know would be interested enough to click on the ad or, better yet, share it.

A Facebook advertising campaign will give you a very nice return on investment purely because of the fact that you can laser target your audience. So you will be investing money in advertising to the people who are interested in seeing your ads and content, not on people who aren’t.

I am always seeking new challenges and constantly learning new strategies, however, my current skill-set includes;

  • Carrying out research on your market and competitors
  • Planning an effective campaign strategy analysing the ad copy, images and links on the ad
  • Using Facebook Audience Insights as well as Google searches, analysing and creating audience groups to target
  • Creating multiple advert sets within the advert to “sniper” into each group
  • Managing the advert sets to test and optimise successful ad sets maximising your investment and drop unsuccessful ones early in the campaign thus saving money
  • Monitoring click to websites, website conversion and post engagements
  • If promoting Apps, Events, Offers or Video views, we can build your campaign around the aspects that best fit your business goals.