About Me

My Experiences & A Little About Me

I have worked in the SEO / Online Marketing sector for several years now, ranking from large as part of a team to small local businesses independently as a freelancer.

I believe in absolute transparency when it comes to a working relationship. I will always keep you updated, and I am always quick to respond to emails and easy to reach on the phone!

I have many tried and tested methods when it comes to ranking sites locally or nationally.

I don’t believe in contracts, so when you partner with me to increase your website’s rankings, it will not mean you will be tied down for a period of time. I can make my payment terms flexible enough to suit you and the needs of your business. If you do not see any progression in the ranking of your website, we part ways on good terms.


Why don’t I use a fixed term contract?

I have been asked this question a number of times, why do I not use contracts to fix my income for a period of time and that once I rank a business; they will stop paying me and enjoy their rankings. The reason is, they will be a happy customer. It goes without saying; someone who is happy with my services will recommend me to their friends and acquaintances – which brings me more business!

If a customer is tied into a contract with me and I didn’t show any progress in their sites’ rankings, they would be unhappy. They would pay me for the term and then leave with negative feelings about me. They would certainly not recommend me.

Customer satisfaction is the number one reason as to why a business stays in business and why customers keep returning!